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Email marketing…do you prefer the DIY or professional approach?

We all know the benefit of direct marketing to potential clients but what damage is done when you try the DIY approach? We have all experienced these emails and newsletters arriving in our inbox with missing images, no branding, a list of the other recipients in the ‘cc’ box and no means to unsubscribe. These newsletters fail to make the correct impact and often just irritate…they certainly don’t reflect well on the businesses that are sending them.

In an effort to save costs many businesses carry out their own email marketing but, unless they have the required in-house skills, they could be damaging their reputation instead of enhancing it.

The Professional Approach.

We would recommend Mailchimp for this purpose to help:

We can design and brand your email template as well as providing a fully managed email campaign if you don’t want to handle this aspect yourself.  Taking this approach means you will be sending professional emails with your very own business message and branding.

Web based email marketing systems allow people to automatically subscribe to and unsubscribe from your mailing list. In addition, you have full statistics on recipient behaviour, e.g. how many users delete the email without reading, which links were clicked, who forwarded the email etc.

We offer our clients a full email marketing service where we:

If you recognise yourself as a business with the DIY approach, maybe it is time for you to consider a different tack and take advantage of the excellent web-based email marketing services available. If you want a professional looking branded newsletter, speak to your web designer and you will never look back.

Give your company the image it deserves online and make sure the recipients of your newsletters are impressed and want to read your message.