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New Business…website required

You’re fired up full of enthusiasm for your new business idea. You’ve come up with a name, a logo and now you have to get out there and market what you are going to sell. Ok, stationery is a must but top of your list nowadays is a website.

Where do you start? There are thousands of website developers out there accessible through the web but if you are new to this you will probably be more confident in dealing with a local company.  A quick search through Google or your favoured search engine would be your normal first port of call.  After all a local web design company that comes up for a specific geographical search in your area eg. Web Design Perth is going to return companies that have the required skills to optimize their website for useful key phrases and if they can do it for themselves just think what they can do for your website! If you can get a recommendation from a friend or business contact then all the better.

So you have identified a web design company in your area through your search of the web, now check out their portfolio follow up with a call to a couple of their clients and get some feedback from them.

Search Engine Friendly Websites

Everyone wants a visually appealing website that captures the feel you want to represent your business but how can you tell if the web designers you are going to consider develop technically well built websites. You’ve probably heard the phrase search engine friendly website, well that is what you are aiming to achieve when you make this investment. On the web designer’s portfolio check if their websites download quickly? What claims have they made about SEO results for their clients?

Meeting the web design company

When you meet with the web design company to discuss your brief here are some less obvious questions you need to ask:

Making your mind up

You may choose to meet with 2 or 3 web design companies and get quotes. If you are motivated only by the bottom line you may end up very disappointed. The web design industry is renowned for one man bands working out of their spare bedroom. With none of the overheads of an established business they will always offer cheaper quotes. Just be sure whoever you choose they are around long-term and won’t disappear on you overnight. Buyer beware!