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The importance of keywords in your website content

You might find yourself with a fantastic new website but if it is not being found in search engines for relevant key phrases to your business then it may have proved to be a waste of money.

The idea of optimizing your web site is to catch the target market to discover your site through web surfing. If you are trying to attract a local market then ensure you use geographical references as well. For example, our website is optimized for the key phrase, Web design Perth, among others.

The more people that visit to your site, the more business you are likely to do. That is why, it is essential to know what you want your website to be optimized for in order to gain web traffic hits. Keywords in your content are the motivating force behind the success of every search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Your search engine ranking will eventually depend on how many people are visiting your website and you can achieve this by choosing the right keywords or key phrases incorporated in your text. After all you can’t expect your website to be found for a key phrase if it doesn’t appear in your content. You should begin on the basic search term that a person will most likely to find your services or products in a search on the web.

Make certain also about the position of your keywords. Sometimes, the keywords are spread all throughout the page. It is much better that you will place your primary keyword or phrase on the first or last paragraph of your content. Do not forget also to use selected keyword in the headings and in the hidden HTML Meta tags on the page, particularly in the “title tag”.

As web designers, we include initial search engine optimisation as part of any website we develop. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and ensure your text includes the key phases you want to be found for and discuss this with your web designer to ensure your web pages are optimized correctly for your selected key phrases by them.

The key is to be realistic with your expectations and remember if it doesn’t appear in the text of your website, you have no chance of being found!