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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Small business owners have many things in common, but the most common thread is, how busy they are. However, how many would like to be busier and grow their business further?

Making efforts to go digital in a competitive local marketplace not only shows the community you’re a quality professional, but also helps them become more aware of your products or services. Small businesses owners should embrace the digital age, as it has lowered barriers and allows them to compete with larger brands.

Using digital communication as a tool for local connections is more relevant than ever before. Marketing is no longer about spewing out advertisements on press and radio; it’s about creating a community where your brand and customers can have positive experiences. 

But how do small businesses tap into this to make meaningful connections with their customers and community? The answer is simple. Small businesses must put time and energy into digital efforts in order to see success and grow their operation.  However, this is where many small businesses fall down, they don’t have the time or won’t commit the time or a resource to this task, preferring to prioritise dealing with the day to day running of their business. Nothing wrong with that if you recognise you are missing out and are prepared to take action.

You don’t know where to start…

Whether you need a new responsive website or text and photos updated on your existing one, a Facebook business page or a YouTube channel set-up with consistent branding and imagery then we are here to help.

We offer a FREE initial consultation with our specialist, Anne Smith (qualified in Digital Promotion for Business), who has had years of experience updating and optimising cms websites, Pay-per-click advertising and implementing Social Media accounts.

She will review what you have set-up already (if anything!), chat with you about your business, your goals and make her recommendations on a digital strategy going forward.  There is no obligation on your part at this stage. 

Rather than just leaving it with you to implement, Anne will offer to quote you for carrying out as much of the work you require. This could comprise of some or all of the following:

  • Brief for a new responsive website (to be supplied from Broxden)
  • Creating content for a new or existing website (text* and photos/video**)
  • Updating content on a new or existing website
  • Reviewing text on existing website, amending and optimising
  • Rebranding or logo creation*
  • Setting up Social Media accounts eg. Facebook and Linkedin business pages
  • Creating graphics for social media accounts
  • SEO reporting and management of website
  • Setting up of Google AdWords campaign and management

* may use strategic partner’s services, depending on requirements

**either client's own photos, stock photography or we commission a photographer

We don’t offer to post or tweet on your behalf, for 2 good reasons:


Only you or a trusted employee are in a position to talk knowledgeably about your business, be able to interact with your audience and answer queries quickly online.


Your social media accounts should have a personality that reflect yours and only you can portray a passion for your business. People need to get to know you, not just your business on social media, if you want to build local brand loyalty.

What we do offer is to take the load off you and ensure your business has an effective digital structure in place, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business while building your local audience on social media. So when you post or tweet it is being seen by potential customers.

Anne will get your business fully branded and optimized on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – the trio of local marketing powerhouses. She will advise on how regularly you should post content, give tips on type of content to use and how to engage with your followers. To enhance this approach, she can also will manage social media advertising and pay-per-click campaigns, if required, in order to drive enquiries and website traffic. 

Email or phone Anne on 01738 450422 to arrange a FREE consultation today.

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