Computer and Internet tips and advice

Here are some simple tips and advice to keep your PC or laptop secure:

Viruses, spyware and malicious code:

  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and ensure they are updated on a regular basis.
  • Keep your operating system and browser software up to date with the latest patches. Some programs will automatically check for available updates and many vendors offer automatic notification of updates via mailing lists.
  • Enable Windows Defender to help protect against spyware.
  • Turn On Windows Updates.
  • Turn On Window's Firewall.
  • Turn Off Pop-Ups
  • Always virus scan flash/pen drives and external hard drives directly after connecting them to your computer and before you open or run any files they may contain.
  • Don’t click on links in emails or pop-up windows that offer anti-spyware software. Much of this software is in itself spyware or malicious code.
  • Don't install any software without knowing exactly what it is.
  • Don't open unknown email or instant messenger attachments.
  • Before opening any attachments, be sure you know the source of the attachment. It is not enough that the mail originated from an address you recognise.
  • Don't be tempted to download free software gifts such as screensavers, icons and emoticons from untrusted sources.
  • Ensure that your browser security settings are high enough to detect unauthorized downloads, for example, at least the "Medium" setting for Internet Explorer.
  • Consider using a third party browser such as FireFox, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera.
  • If you think your computer might have a virus or spyware on it, immediately cease all online activities. Especially shopping, banking, or doing anything that involves user names, passwords or other sensitive data. Check that your security software is active and current and run a full scan of your computer for viruses and spyware.


  • Always set strong passwords.
  • Use a combination of alphanumeric digits (both letters and numbers) and upper and lower case characters.
  • The strength of a password lies in its length, complexity, and randomness.
  • Never give out your passwords in response to email requests.
  • Never reveal your passwords to anyone.
  • Don't store passwords on a file in your computer, criminals will search there first.
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket, always use different passwords for different services.
  • Never type your password into public computers in Internet Cafes, airport lounges etc. criminals can use readily obtainable key logging devices to steal your usernames, passwords, banking details and identity.

Has your PC or laptop been compromised by spyware?

Things to look out for:

  • You may receive a barrage of pop-up windows.
  • Unwanted and unrequested toolbars may appear in your browser.
  • If your browser is hijacked your homepage may change without your consent and you may find yourself being redirected to unwanted sites.
  • Your PC's performance may be poor when attempting to open applications or save files.

Perth Computer Repairs for small business users

If you experience any of the above problems and your business is based in city of Perth, Perthshire or Tayside please contact us and arrange for a site visit or save yourself cost by dropping the PC or laptop in at our office in Perth and we will carry out a system health check and if possible have your PC or laptop back running quicker and performing better.

For any small to medium sized business in the Perth, Dundee areas looking for assistance in security measures for their IT systems please do not hesitate to contact and consult with us.

What our IT clients are saying about us

We have used Broxden for IT support for a number of years. The advice, consultation and  technical support they offer is first class. Their reliability and response time and is second to none and Allan Ewan, the senior IT engineer, always goes out of his way to ensure our systems are running smoothly.

Derek Neilson, Office Manager, McCash and Hunter

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