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Pay-Per-Click Management

Have you ever wondered how many sales those sponsored link websites on the likes of Google are getting? A lot is the answer! Without doubt the most effective and measurable method of online advertising today is through pay-per-click search engine advertising known as Adwords in Google.

This is the only guaranteed way to get No.1 on most search engines. Anyone can be No.1 providing they have the budget and are willing to spend what it takes to stay No.1.

Why does Pay per Click work so well?

Pay per Click listings work because they put your company in front of people looking for your products or services. By the time the potential customer arrives at your web site, they will have used a search engine to search for products or services you offer, found an ad for your website and clicked through. This makes them a pre-qualified lead, with a much higher chance of them purchasing your products or services. Because this ranking system rewards well-targeted, relevant ads, you can’t be locked out of the top position, as you would be in a ranking system based solely on price. Both popularity and cost are taken into account.

Our expertise will save you time and money with regard to the “trial and error” strategy adopted when managing these campaigns. Once you set a budget for us to work with we will provide detailed monthly reports and analysis from each campaign, as well as recommending how you should proceed with any ongoing campaigns. We have vast experience in setting up a pay per click campaigns and will be happy to manage a pay-per-click campaign for you.

What is included in managed Pay per Click Campaigns?

  • explanation of the system and how it works
  • testing of selected keywords and viewing the competition in the sector
  • setting up of account including billing and campaign details at our office
  • choosing language and country options
  • research and creation of a ‘starter’ set of up to 50 keyword/phrases
  • adjusting the ‘average cost per click’ to achieve desired positioning
  • setting daily spend limit
  • creation of high impact ad copy
  • detailed monthly reports
  • expert analysis and recommendations on campaign
  • inputting new keywords supplied in correct format by client
  • implementing ongoing adjustments to campaign e.g. adjusting average cost per click

Why do we recommend Pay per Click?

Quite simply; it works! Consider the following:

More than 70% of users in the UK and Europe use Google and in the US, this figure is even higher at around 80%. If you have a dedicated budget to market your website online and are interested in us managing a Pay-Per-Click campaign for you then please give us a call on 01738 450422 or email us. We have managed PPC campaigns for many clients based in Perth (Perthshire), Dundee and Tayside area.

What our web clients are saying about us

The team at Broxden could not have done more to help us design our new site in terms of ideas, graphics and all the 'IT engineering'. We knew exactly what we wanted to achieve from our new site and they made it happen! We are all delighted with the end result. Well done Broxden.

Fraser Gibson, Finance Director, Stewarts of Tayside

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